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Basketbol Nasıl Oynanır Kuralları İngilizce

Basketbol Nasıl Oynanır Kuralları İngilizce

How to play Basketball

The object of basketball is to score on your o

pponent’s team by putting the ball through their hoop while preventing them from scoring on your team’s hoop.
-2 teams of 5 players will play against each other for the designated amount of time. The team with the most points after time expires, wins.
-Though time amounts vary, most games are played in 4 quarters of 10 minutes. The NBA plays 12 minute quarters, and the NCAA plays 20 minute halves.
-Hoops are 10 feet high and are on opposite sides of a 94 ft by 50 ft rectangle court.
-Players can’t take steps with the basketball unless they are dribbling the ball with one hand. If they take more than 2 steps without dribbling it is called traveling and they lose the ball.
-A foul is when a player uses illegal physical contact against an opposing player. A player that has been fouled will either be awarded free throws or possession of the ball.

All About Rules and Violations

Traveling Violation: Players can’t walk or run with the basketball unless they are dribbling the ball. If they do, traveling is called and the other team get’s the ball.
Double Dribble Violation: Players can’t dribble the ball, pick up the ball with both hands, then dribble again. If they do, double dribble is called and the other team get’s the ball.
Carry Violation: Players can’t carry the ball as they are dribbling. This is usually called when the hand is near the underside of the ball while he/she is dribbling. If they do, a carry is called and the other team gets the ball.
Out-of-Bounds Violation: Players can’t knock the ball out of bounds or have possession of the ball when any foot is out of bounds. If they do, the other team gets the ball.
Kick-Ball Violation: Players can’t intentionally touch the basketball with their feet. If they do, the other team gets the ball.
Over-and-Back Violation: Once a team has the ball past the half-court line, they can’t dribble or pass the ball back beyond the half-court line again. If they do, over and back is called and the other team gets the ball.
3 Seconds in the Key: No player that is on offense can stand in the key (the free-throw lane) for over 3 seconds at a time. If they do, 3 seconds in the key is called and the other team gets the ball.
Delay of Game Violations: Once a referee hands a player the basketball to throw it in from out of bounce, he/she only gets 5 seconds to pass it in. Teams only get 10 seconds to advance the ball past half court. A player with the ball that has picked up his/her dribble has 3 seconds or less to get rid of it (a defender must be guarding him/her in order for the referee to call this violation). A player with the ball that is dribbling has only 5 seconds to either pick up his/her dribble or get rid of the basketball (he/she must be guarded within 3 feet by a defender in order for the referee to call this violation).
Goaltending Violation: No player can touch the ball after it has been shot and is on the way down towards the hoop. It also can’t be touched if it has already hit the backboard or if it has a chance of going in. If a defender does do that, then goaltending will be called and the basket will be considered made (points will be given to the shooting team).
Fouls: A foul is called when a player uses unfair body contact to gain an advantage. Most of the time fouls are committed by the defense when they are trying to get the ball. If a player is in the process of shooting and gets fouled, he/she will get the amount of free throws that the shot would be worth if they made it. If a player gets fouled while shooting and they make it anyway, the basket counts and they get one additional free throw (this is called an “and-1″). In most leagues, each team has only 7 fouls to give each half. If they foul more than that, it is called “the bonus” and the player who was fouled gets to shoot free throws even if they weren’t in the act of shooting. Fouls aren’t always committed by the defense. “Charging” is a foul called when someone on offense runs through a defender that has his/her feet planted.

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