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Çarlinin Çikolata Fabrikası Filmi İngilizce Özeti

Çarlinin Çikolata Fabrikası Filmi İngilizce Özeti


Willy Wonka &The Chocolate Factory follows Charlie Bucket, a boy born into poverty who wins a ticket to tour a local chocolate factory. The movie introduces us to Charlie’s life and family, showing us how important and life changing this trip to the factory would be. If this was a normal horror movie, shortly after getting to the factory, things would start going awry and the visitors would start getting killed off or horribly maimed. And let me tell you, that is exactly what fucking happens.

The group of children and their guardians show up at the factory where they’re greeted by Willy Wonka, a frail old man walking with a cane. The cane gets caught between rocks on the path, causing Wonka to fall, which ultimately becomes a somersault. Wonka leaps up to his feet, full of energy and satisfied in his trickery of the children. At this point, the guy who just tricked them has them all sign a required contract before the factory tour can begin. Non-disclosure agreements, one would assume? In hindsight, it’s more likely to be a waiver/release saying you won’t sue the company when you inevitably get killed.

In the very first room, the group of people are introduced to a psychedelic crazy candy garden with chocolate waterfalls/rivers. Here we’re introduced to the Oompa-Loopas during a musical number sung by Wonka. The Oompa-Loompas are literally African Pygmy slaves stolen from their home land to work in the factory to be paid in cocoa beans. During this song, Wonka sings the following lines: There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination/Living there, you’ll be free/If you truly wish to be. He’s telling the kids they are all going to die in this factory and it’s going to be okay. No one has too much time to pay attention to this as Augustus Gloop, one of the visitors, falls into the chocolate river and gets sucked through a drain pipe. Everyone watches in horror as this boy is ripped from the river and through a pipe that almost seems specifically designed to destroy children. His guardian is removed from the tour as well.

Now we could be picking at threads that aren’t there. No one has ever toured the factory before and it’s situations they never thought of. Apollo 1 was the first fatal mistake NASA ever had and it was due to things they didn’t consider going wrong going wrong. No one thinks that NASA intentionally murdered those people (well, except those who think 9/11 was caused by the government’s reverse vampires or whatever). Here’s why we know we aren’t: when the group of visitors get on the boat to travel down the river, there are no empty seats. Not only were those boats not going to show up until two people were unable to go any further on the tour, but they flat out couldn’t hold everyone. Wonka knew exactly how many people would be removed from the tour at this point.

The boat sequence is by far the scariest part of the movie. It’s like the last scene of The Shining where you get glimpses of the inside of various rooms. You literally see a chicken get its head cut off. Not a special effect. That literally happens. “ You’re going to love this, ” Wonka tells the children as they get on the boat “ Just love it! ” he adds, unaware what a total sociopath he is. The scenes in this movie are fine out of context, but when you break it down, you realize how absolutely insane and horrific everything is.

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