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Heidi İngilizce Kısa Kitap Özeti


Heidi İngilizce Kısa Kitap Özeti

About the book:

Heidi is by far the most popular work of Swiss literature and has been translated from German into 50 languages, been filmed more than a dozen times, and more than 50 million copies of Heidi books have been sold world-wide.

  Heidi Book summary:

The orphan child, Heidi,  first lives with her aunt Dete, but Dete would like to concentrate on her career. So she brings Heidi to her grandfather, a reclusive old man living in an alpine cottage far from the next village.  He is called Alm-Uncle. Alm-Uncle is good-hearted but mistrusts anybody and wants to keep the child from all evils of the world. So he refuses to send Heidi to school; instead she goes to the pastures, together with Peter, a shepherd boy looking after the goats  This is ideal for Heidi, but it ends suddenly when aunt Dete comes in again and brings Heidi to Frankfurt (Germany) where she shall stay with Clara, the paralyzed daughter of a rich family, and learn something.

Thanks to the grandmother of Clara, Heidi learns to read but she can’t get acclimated to the strict discipline in an upper class house, personified by governess, Fraulein Rottenmeier. Heidi is very lonesome and gets  so depressed by the gray anonymous city. that she becomes ill.  Finally, the sympathetic family doctor , at the urging of Clara’s father, Herr Stresemann,  finds the right diagnosis and sends her back to the alps.

The following summer, Clara visits Heidi there. They go to the pastures and Heidi shows Clara all the beauty of her world.

Healings of the body, spirit and soul in that healthy Alpine world are the main theme of this adorable story.

Writing: Johanna Spyri

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