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İngilizce Nasıl Öğrenilir İngilizce Makale

İngilizce Nasıl Öğrenilir İngilizce Makale

There are some ways to speak English or any other foreign language better. Many people suffer from the fact that they can understand the language when they read or listen but they cannot give the necessary replies when they are supposed to speak. Here are some suggestions to speak better:

  1. Read as much as you can because reading activates the grammar structures and vocabulary.
  2. Watch films with original sounds and subtitles in your language first. Then, watch the same film without subtitles.
  3. In your free times or when you are alone, try to create a situation (like buying a ticket at a cinema, what to say at a hospital, etc.) and try to start a conversation by yourself. Because the most difficult part of speaking is being afraid to talk most of the time.
  4. Use every opportunity to speak because speaking is learned with spoken practice.
  5. When you can’t remember a word, don’t stop communication. Just try to explain that word with your body language. The other person you are talking to will most probably help you. Or just use the explanation of that word. (Suppose you couldn’ remember the word “knife” and you can say “….something for cutting….”)
  6. Have confidence in yourself.
  7. Don’t be perfectionist. Very few number of people can speak languages perfectly. So, the possibility of mastering a foreign language perfectly is either impossible or takes a very very long time. Shortly, even if you sound terrible in a foreign language go on communication.
  8. Use native speakers as a source all the time.
  9. Go abroad to work or to socialize with English speaking people.

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