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Kendini ve Aileni Tanıtma Yazısı ingilizce Örnekleri

Kendini ve Aileni Tanıtma Yazısı ingilizce Örnekleri

1- Örnek:
My sister
My sister´s name is Ayşe Temiz. She´s Ten years old. She gets up at eight o´clock in the morning and she goes to the school. Then goes out to school at two o´clock in the afternoon. My sister in the school of five years old and next years old at the school the primary. She likes rhythmic gymnastics and dance, she dosen´t like por example playing football or tennis.


My brother’s name is Fuat He’s 17 years old. My brother es brown, tall and thin. His eyes are brown.
He gets up at seven o’clock for to go to school. He takes school seriously, always does his homework and gets good grades. Do not really like philosophy, but mathematics is very good.
He likes a lot of sports, especially football; also likes to fish. His favourite food is burguers and hates asparagus. He has many friends but has not best friend.
The institute comes at quarter past three, has lunch and study, go to the street with his friends, usually comes at half past seven.
He showering, then, dinner, wathes TV and ten o’clock, he goes to bed.
On weekends, do yout homeworks on a Saturday. In the afternoon, go hut with my father, usually comes at eight o’clock. He showe and leaves with his friends for a walk.
On Sunday, gets up too late. The lunch and he begin to read
3- Örnek:

My brother’s name is Cengiz. He was born on 10 of November of 2004. He is six years old.
He gets up at nine o’clock in the morning. Then he goes to school. In the school he learns English, Lenguage, Maths, PE, Music, Religion and Sciences. After school, at two o’clock, he goes at home.In my home he does his homeworks and then he watchs cartoons on television. At six o’clock he goes to the sport hall. Then, he goes at home and eats meet, fruits, salad or fish. At ten o’clock he goes to bed.
He likes running, drawing and playing with sand. He doesn’t like football, eats pears and does your homeworks.
He has two tortoisse and two frogs.
My brother is a handsome boy, funny, nice and has very good heart.

4- Örnek:Örnek:

My brother’s name is Faruk He’s 17 years old and he studies. He is bland and half esattuta.
He gets up at six o’clock in the morning and he takes the bus. He is there all week and Friday at lunch comes on the bus. During all years will come on Monday and Friday. He studies in a town called Kadıköy sleep and eat there every day is detained in a residence. He is very picky for eat and like the cannelloni, noodles, fish, meat like chicken especially.
My brother likes playing any sport: paddle, tennis, volleyball, baskeball and he likes is football. He plays with a team when missing. My brother helps my parents in the restaurant, serves the people and very good waiter. Helps a lot in the house and do ckores, ordened his room, sweep, makes his case for the whole week…
What I like about my brother is helping me and whenever I need is there.

5- Örnek:Örnek

My sister name is Oya. She’is 9 years old and is a student.
She gets up at half past eigh, gets dresed, wash your face, comb and goes to school.
After school she left the bag, eat, watch tv and doing homework at four o’clock.
At six o’clock she snaks and goes outside to play with her friends.Usually after a shower, watch tv, making dinner and sleeps ten o,clock.

6- Örnek:

My brother
My brother’s name is Murat. He’s 11 years old. He is of normal eight. He has glasses. He loves the swiming. Also likes football, but doesn’t play in any team. He gets up at half past eight in the morning, makes the ben and has a breakfast. When finished, hes goes to school. He finished school al two o’clock in the afternoon, my father picks up, and goes to my house for lunch. In the afternoon my brother does homework at four o’clock, when just, watching Tv, playing computers… In winter often go swiming in the afternoons. He have at half past nine, watch Tv, and go to bed.

7- Örnek:

My brother
My brother’s name is Cemil. He’s 26 years old and he works as a waiter. He gets up at nine o’clock in the morning and he always has lunch at home. Then he goes to work at ten o’clock in the night. He has black hair. He has brown eyes He likes football. listening to music and cooking but he doesn’t like cleaning.


My brother´s name is Sedat. He´s 20 years old and he studien in an university. He is tall and intelligent boy. He lives in a little flat in Ankara’da with his friends.
He gets up at eight o´clock in the morning and he usually has lunch at home. Then he goes to the university at half past five in the afternoon. My brother and his friends usually study in the libraryin the night.
Then he reads a book before the sleep.
He likes tennis, cooking and watching TV but he hates tidying his room and cleaning.
And this is the routine diary the my brother Selim.


Description of my family.
My name’s Ceren Dağ. I’m from Turkey
I’ve got long,curly,dark hair and brown eyes.I’m tall.I’m twelve years old.My favourite colour is violet.

My dad’s name is Gürol. He’s got short dark hair and brown eyes.He’s tall.He’s fourty-five years old.

My mum’s name is Sevda She’s got long,culy,dark hair and brown eyes.She’s thirty-eight years old.She works as housewife.

I’ve got a little sister.Her name is Esin .She’s got long,curly dark hair and brown eyes.She was born in 2.006 the 17th of January,in She is good and beautiful.

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