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Siyah Güzellik Kısa İngilizce Kitap Özeti


Siyah Güzellik Kısa İngilizce Kitap Özeti

Author : Anna Sewell
Publisher : The Penguin Group
Pages : 210
Year : 1877
City : EnglandSummary :
Black Beauty by Anne Sewell tells about the fascinating story of the life of a horse in the early 1800’s, in England, when horses were a part of everyone’s life. Although Black Beauty’s colt hood and early life were happy, he is sold from master to master, moving from the country to London and back again. 
The story begins when Duchess, a thoroughbred mare, gives birth to Black Beauty. The first four years of Black Beauty’s life is filled with playing and frolicking in the field. Black Beauty then sold to a wealthy man named Squire Gordon of Birtwick Park. This is where Black Beauty meets the dream of his life, Ginger a beautiful chestnut mare. They are then both sold, due to injuries from their new cruel masters, and again resold to become cab horses in London where they are cruelly treated. 
Black Beauty is a beautiful stallion that has a beautiful spirit, but is disappointed by the cruelty of mankind. Ginger is a beautiful chestnut mare that becomes a lifelong companion to Black Beauty, but due to mistreatment. She dies at the hands of a horse cab driver in London. Squire Gordon is a wealthy man who is kind to Black Beauty and Ginger, but has to sell them both when his wife becomes ill. Joe Green works for Squire Gordon when he is young, but many years later he finds Black Beauty by accident, and becomes his last master by providing a comfortable life. Jerry Barkeris a London cab driver who also purchases Black Beauty and treats him kindly, until Jerry becomes sick and is forced to sell Black Beauty.

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