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Son Mohikan Film Özeti İngilizce

Son Mohikan Film Özeti İngilizce

The last Of The Mohıcans

Time: 114 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama/History

Won Academy Award for Best Sound.

Year: 1992
Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis , Madeleine Stowe , Wes Studi , Russell Means , Eric Schweig , Jodhi May , Steven Waddington , Maurice Roeves , Colm Meaney , Patrice Chereau , Pete Postlethwaite , Terry Kinney , Tracey Ellis , Dennis Banks , Dylan Baker
Directed By: Michael Mann

The Last of the MohicansThe film takes place during the time of the French and Indian War in the area surrounding upper state New York. It follows the trials and tribulations of Nathaniel (Day-Lewis), an expert tracker who was raised by the Mohican indians after his parents died, and Cora Munro (Stowe), an Englishwoman on her way to see her father who’s a colonel for the British. Cora and her younger sister Alice (May) set out from Albany to meet up with their father. Major Heyward (Waddington), who wants to marry Cora, and Magua (Studi), an Indian guide, accompany them on their journey. Unfortunately for them, Magua has no intention of delivering them alive. Lucky for them, Nathaniel, his father Chingachgook (Means) and brother Uncas (Schweig) were following the war party and arrive in time to keep them from being slaughtered. Not wanting them to fall into the wrong hands a second time, Nathaniel agrees to take them to the fort. Along the way, he and Cora form a bond that only good looks and grave danger can bring to fruition so quickly.
“Death and honor are thought to be the same, but today I have learned that sometimes they are not.”
    She doesn’t always understand what he’s doing, but she soon learns that his actions are in their best interest. His goal is to get her to her father alive. When they do finally get there, they learn that the fort is about to fall and how deep Magua’s betrayal goes. During the bombardment Nathaniel and Cora find a quiet spot to consummate their relationship. The high doesn’t last long. Nathaniel is arrested for treason by Colonel Munro based on damning testimony from the jealous Heyward. The English promised to let the local militia men return home if the French and Indians started raiding their homesteads. Munro refuses to let the men leave, claiming that one slaughtered family is not enough evidence. Not owing allegiance to anyone but his friends, Nathaniel helps the militia men escape, but stays because of Cora. She tries to clear his name, but no one believes the protestations of a woman.

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