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Sporun Sağlığımıza Faydaları İngilizce Makale

Sporun Sağlığımıza Faydaları İngilizce Makale
Sports promote enhanced flexibility and coordination as well as building efficient muscle tone that protects the body from injuries, improves positive body image and increases stamina and strength. Athletes who participate in sports also pay more attention to their training and typically work out to become better at their particular sport. Trainers at Kieser Training report that building muscles improves sports performance and helps to prevent sports-related injuries while improving overall health.

Sports that involve high-impact aerobic activity such as soccer, basketball and baseball, as well as any activity that requires running, helps children to develop healthy bones. For older adults, impact sports that also include tennis, hiking and volleyball can help prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of hip fractures.
As physical self-image improves, so do feelings of well being, making sports a positive influence on reducing the incidence of depression in those who play. Unlike individual exercise done in isolation, sports also provide a social component that increases interpersonal relationships and reduces depression. Additionally, sports promote teamwork and teach youngsters how to be a part of a team. Sportsmanship qualities learned through sports can help to produce mentally healthy adults,

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